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 An update on logistics..

Essential Info:
 . Please call to reserve a hotel room, Microsoft will
    cover the cost of the rooms but will release the hold
    on Sunday 5/31 (information below).
 . Please also forward (if you haven't already, or if there
    are changes) the number and names of the participants.
    I'll prepare confirmation info for the CSG meeting so
    we can get a final check.
 . Please forward your top-10 questions and top-3 outcomes
    to me as soon as possible.  These will be available as
    we go (link still tbd)


The details:
1) Accomodations: Microsoft has reserved a block of 90 rooms
    at the Fairfield Inn, approximately 2 miles from the
    Microsoft Campus.
	Fairfield Inn
	14595 NE 29th Pl
	Bellevue, WA 98008
	(425) 869-6548.
    Attendees (or their designate) should call the hotel to
    confirm their reservation.  Identify yourself as being
    part of the "Microsoft Research" block of rooms.

    Elba Ochoa-Nugent is the Assistant General Manager at the
    hotel and her name should be referenced if needed.  Arrival
    date is Sunday June 7.  Departure date is Thursday June 11.

2) Directions:  Please see this link for directions to Microsoft
    from the airport and the location of the Hotel.

3) Meeting room is 27/Olympic room.  We have it reserved from
    8am on June 8 until 5pm on June 10.

4) Transportation: Microsoft's contracted shuttle service
    (Laidlaw Shuttle) will provide the transporation to and
    from the hotel for all three days.  Two shuttles will be
    used as their capacity is 47. Scheduled time for pickup
    at the hotel is 8:00am.  Scheduled time for pickup at
    building 27 will be 5:00pm.

5) Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided for all three
    days.  The continental breakfast will be served at 8:30 am.
    Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon.  Snacks will be available
    in the afternoon.

6) Dinner for Monday evening:  We have reserved Jillian's
    (located in downtown Seattle) for Dinner, drinks and games.
    Transportation will be provided by the aforementioned Laidlaw
    Shuttle Services.  Attendees will be picked up at 5pm from
    building 27 (two shuttles) transported to Jillian's for
    dinner and will be picked up at 9:15pm for transportation
    back to the Fairfiled Inn Hotel.