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Fall 2022 CSG Workshop and Meeting (PRELIMINARY Outline)
University of Minnesota
21-23 September, 2022

21 September
  9:00 - 12:30 Short Workshop: Coordinating patches, config management, network & app updates to avoid dependency hell
Mark McCahill (Duke), William Deigaard (TAMU), Sarah Braun (CU-Boulder), Jon May / Jason Pursian / Stefan Strandberg / Stefan Wahe (UW-Madison), Jim Jokl (UVa)
  1:30 -   5:00 Short Workshop: It's Not Your Personal Device! The Endpoint Management Battle Cry
Phoebe Johnson (UMN), Eve Raymond (UMN), C. Shawn Green (UW-Madison), Dawn Zimmer (VT), Tracy Weber (ND), Orrie Gartner (CU Boulder), Sarah Christen (Cornell)
22 September
  9:00 - 12:30 Short Workshop: "The Great Exploration!" How can we keep our talent and foster engagement with an IT staff that is hybrid, on-prem and remote?
Orrie Gartner (CU-Boulder), Tracy Weber (ND), Erika Shoffner (Penn State), Tom Lewis (UWash), Ben Rota (Harvard), Jenny Kvistad (UW-Madison), Dawn Zimmer (VT)
  2:15 -   3:15 Short Discussion: Common Solutions - What are the new challenges that CSG should work on as a common solution group?
Jim Phelps (UW), Tracy Weber (ND), Sarah Christen (Cornell), Ben Rota (Harvard), Tony Rimovsky (ND)
23 September
  9:15 - 10:15 Short Discussion: The evolving need for enterprise research data storage
Todd Shechter (UW-Madison), Scott Midkiff - likely to be replaced (VT), Walter Wong (CMU), Jim Jokl (UVA), Chris Hoffman, likely with Walter Stokes (UCB), Erik Lundberg (UWa), Hellen Zziwa (Harvard), Charley Kneifel (Duke), Jan Cheetham / Mike Layde / Steve Devoti (UW-Madison), Scott Kirner (Notre Dame), Helen Hockx-Yu (Notre Dame)
10:45 - 11:45
Short Discussion: How do we know we've reached full automation?
William Deigaard (TAMU), Mark McCahill (Duke), Becky Joffrey (Cornell), Kelly Rivera / Steve Tanner (UW-Madison), someone from Notre Dame