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Java Kerberos

[A tar archive of both Kerb4 and Kerb5 implementations is available here.]

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 01:17:52 -0400
From: Tom Sanfilippo
To: csg-jk-tech@lists.Stanford.EDU
Subject: java-kerberos v5 snapshot

A new Java-Kerberos v5 snapshot is available, as well as the
cvs server for the project.  UMich is hosting the cvs server
for us.  There is still some more setup to be done on the
cvs server machine before cvs pserver access is supported.
But you can access it via ssh now.

The CVSROOT environment string is:

The password is available from the CSG Secretariat.

Enter "cvs get jkrb5" to get the latest v5 tree.

I've managed to collect in one place a set of client tools to
do cvs with ssh from NT.  If you want a copy of these let me
know.  Any other operating system should be easier.

Below is a copy of the release notes.  They are also in the
cvs tree.

Regarding the v4 tree, I've merged in a number of changes from
Parviz, as well as some other bug fixes, but the v4 tree isn't
installed in cvs yet.  I should have it up there as soon as it
is tested a little more.

Many thanks to UMich for making the server available.

Tom S.
Java-Kerberos v5 Snapshot 2
September 14, 1999

This release contains the following features:

1. Extensible credentials cache framework
2. Memory-based credentials cache implementation
3. Pure-java command line utilities jkinit, jklist, and jkdestroy
4. Server keytab api implementation
5. Server replay cache interface and implementation
6. Kerberos config file reader
7. Revised demo applications for demoing the above
8. Javadoc tree

Also, as of this release, the sources are being maintained in CVS.
Information about the location of the CVS tree will be forthcoming.

This release has been built with Visual Cafe 3.0c and Sun JDK 1.1.8.

Notably absent features:

1. The file-based cache implementation is stubbed out; the
   command line tools call it, but credentials are not actually
   saved.  You can still use jkinit to get an initial tgt however.
2. The native method cache implementation which accesses the
   MIT combined k5/k4 cache dll has not yet been implemented.
3. The implementation config parameters are still global static
   at this point.
4. The v4 implementation is not included.  It will be along
   shortly, however, there are only minor changes to it at
   this point.  Send me more patches if you have them.
5. jkinit currently echoes the password.  This will go away with
   the applet version.

These things will be in the next snapshot.  I will be trying to
do snapshots at a higher frequency as well.

Tom Sanfilippo