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Fall 2021 CSG Workshop and Meeting (PRELIMINARY Outline)
Virtual Meeting
22-24 September, 2021

All times ET

22 September
 12:05 - 1:45 Short Workshop: Data Platform for the future
Jim Phelps (UWash), Helen Hockx-Yu (ND), William Deigaard (TAMU). Tom (UWash), Oren Sreebny (Internet2), Cliff Lynch (CNI)
   2:15 - 4:00 Short Workshop: Enterprise Storage Management and Cost Models
Scott Kirner (ND), Helen Hockx-Yu (ND), William Deigaard (TAMU), Chris Hoffman (UCB), Andy Palms (UMich), Marc Cougle (Rice), David Cavalieri (CU Boulder), Charley Kneifel (Duke), Hellen Zziwa (Harvard)
23 September
 12:00 - 1:45 Short Workshop: What a great idea
Bill Wrobleski (PSU), William Deigaard (TAMU), Heath Tuttle (UNL), Diane Butler (Rice), Dawn Zimmer (VT), Todd Shechter (UW-Madison)
   2:15 - 4:00 Short Workshop: Mobile workforce
Sarah Christen(Cornell) & Becky Joffrey (Cornell), Brandon Rich (Notre Dame), Todd Shechter (UW-Madison), Jim Phelps (UWash), Scott Midkiff (VT), Christopher Brooks (EDUCAUSE), Guy D. Falsetti (Stone Fellow)
24 September
   2:30 - 3:30 Short Discussion: The Martech mashup: Marketing technology and how/why/when to support it
Carrie Shumaker (UMich) & Becky Joffrey (Cornell), Brandon Rich (ND), Klara Jelinkova (Rice), someone from Texas A&M, Evan Levine (Duke)
   3:30 - 4:30
Short Discussion: Exit Strategies for Critical Vendor Services + Fairness and Transparency in Licensing for Cloud
Mark McCahill (Duke) & Sarah Christen(Cornell) & Becky Joffrey (Cornell), Eric Haffey (UNL), someone from Notre Dame, Sean O'Brien or Kevin Morooney (Internet2), Chris Lalande (UW-Madison)