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Spring 2019 CSG Workshop and Meeting (PRELIMINARY Outline)
University of Nebraska
15-17 May, 2019

15 May
  9:00 - 12:30Short Workshop: Cloud, Containers, Networking, and Workload Mobility
Scotty Logan (Stanford), Mark McCahill (Duke), Casey Nugent (Nebraska), Kemal Badur (UMN), Brian DeMeulle (UCSD), Michael Irwin (VT)
  1:30 -   5:00Short Workshop: The Immersive University
Jennifer Sparrow (PSU), Chris Hoffman (UCB); Becky Joffrey (Cornell), Christopher Brooks (EDUCAUSE), Rich Mendola (Emory), Heath Tuttle (Nebraska)
16 May
  9:00 - 12:30Short Workshop: Supporting multi-campus and/or international research collaborations (access and identity issues on our campuses and beyond)
Sean Reynolds (Northwestern), David Swanson or Brett Bieber (Nebraska), Bruce Vincent (Stanford), Kevin Morooney (Internet2)
  2:15 -   3:15Short Discussion: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Jennifer Sparrow (PSU), Charley Kneifel (Duke), Phoebe Johnson (UMN), Tom Lewis (UW), Vince Kellen (UCSD)
17 May
  9:15 - 10:15Short Discussion: Balancing Monitoring Needs and Privacy Concerns
Mark McCahill (Duke), Donna Tatro (Princeton), Kemal Badur (UMN), KItty Bridges (NYU), Eric Boyd (Michigan)
10:45 - 11:45
Short Discussion: Strategic Network design
Sarah Christen (Cornell), Andrew Buker (Nebraska), David Galassi (USC, c/o Asbed), Andy Palms (Michigan), Scott Ambrose (CMU), George Loftus (Internet2)