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CSG Workshops and Business Meeting Agenda

University of Michigan
14-16 September, 2016

Wednesday:  CSG Short Workshops
Ballroom, Michigan League

7:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
West Conference Room, Rackham Building 
9:00Welcome & Conference Introduction (Kevin Hegarty, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Charles Antonelli, CSG Secretariat)
Ballroom, Michigan League
9:05 CSG Short Workshop:  Large scale research and instructional computing in the Clouds
Coordinators:  Mark McCahill, Sarah Christen, UC Berkeley, Asbed Bedrossian, Rice, UMd, Michigan
Please see Addendum A for the detailed agenda.
10:40 Break

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch
Assembly Hall, Rackham Building

1:30 CSG Short Workshop: Next-gen web-based interactive computing environments
Coordinators: Mark McCahill, UC Berkeley, NYU, UChicago/Globus, Washington
Please see Addendum B for the detailed agenda.
Ballroom, Michigan League
5:00 Adjourn

Wednesday: CSG Group Dinner
Sava's, 216 S State, Ann Arbor (734.623.2233)


Thursday:  CSG Short Workshop
Ballroom, Michigan League

7:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
Assembly Hall, Rackham Building
8:00 - 9:00
Steering Committee Breakfast
East Conference Room, Rackham Building
9:00 CSG Short Workshop:  Security/configuration practices and suggestions for campus units moving to the cloud
Coordinators: Sarah Christen, UWisc, Notre Dame, Harvard, VT, Nebraska, Barry Ribbeck
Please see Addendum C for the detailed agenda.
Ballroom, Michigan League
11:00 Break
12:30 Adjourn

12:30 - 1:45 Lunch
Assembly Hall, Rackham Building

12:45 - 1:30
Campus Walking Tour
Tour departs from the Rackham Building and returns to the Michigan League

Thursday:  CSG Business Meeting
Ballroom, Michigan League

1:45             I. Introductory Remarks (CSG Coordinator)
II. CSG Working Group Reports (CSG Coordinator)
DevOps  (Christen) [:5]
Threat Intelligence (Futhey/Kneifel for Biever) [:5]
Reference BI (Lewis) [:5]
NIST 800 (Kraemer for Chapple)  [:5]
III. Consortial Updates
Workshop Summaries (:05)
Consortial Updates (:20)
2:35IV. Short Discussion 1: ITIL and DevOps -- How does ITIL play in a Cloud/DevOps developer-centric world?
Coordinators: Lec Maj, Sarah Christen, Mairéad Martin, Michigan
V. Timely Topics and Gossip (Vincent)
Topics TBA
4:45 VI. Topic Selection for Next Meeting (Vincent for Jelinkova)
5:00 Adjourn

Thursday: CSG Group Dinner
The Gandy Dancer, 401 Depot St, Ann Arbor (734.769.0592)

First bus leaves Gradute hotel for Bell Tower hotel
First bus leaves Bell Tower Hotel for the Gandy Dancer
Last bus leaves Graduate hotel for Bell Tower hotel
Last bus leaves Bell Tower Hotel for the Gandy Dancer

Buses leave the Gandy Dancer for hotels

Friday: CSG Business Meeting
Ballroom, Michigan League

7:30 - 9:00   Breakfast
Koessler Room, Michigan League
9:00 VII. Organizational Issues (CSG Coordinator)
  1. Steering/Membership Committee Issues (Bridges)
  2. Treasurer's Report (Fleagle)
  3. Logistics for Next Meeting (Antonelli)
  4. Venues and Dates for Future CSG Meetings (Antonelli)
    Please see /future.html
    for the current list.
9:15 VIII. Short Discussion 2:  Reuse of institutional data
Coordinators:  Oren Sreebny, Duke, Minnesota, Nebraska
10:45 IX. Short Discussion 3:   TIER update/report
Coordinators:  Asbed Bedrossian, Ron Kraemer, Klara Jelinkova, Kevin Morooney
11:45 Adjourn

11:45 Lunch (box lunches available at 10:30)
Outside Ballroom, Michigan League

Addendum A:
Short Workshop:  Large scale research and instructional computing in the Clouds
Detailed Agenda

9:05     When/why are which cloud(s) a good fit? - Mark McCahill
use cases, unpredictable loads vs. steady state load
purpose-built/discipline specific clouds (XSEDE, NSF, OSG, etc)
IaaS vs. SaaS and pre-built application stacks
technical issues
extending network/storage to the cloud, latency
availability of special purpose nodes/architectures
job scheduling, batch vs. interactive vs. graphical
reproducible compute environments

9:20     State of the CSG community (CSG Survey) - Sarah Christen
who is doing large scale cloud computing for research?
large scale cloud computing for instructional use?

Case studies
9:40     Duke - Mark McCahill
compute cluster extended to Azure - what did (and didn’t) work
MOOC support - 50,000 Coursera MOOC students with access to >1M row MySQL databases to run ad-hoc queries (while avoiding death by left outer joins)

10:00    UC Berkeley - David Greenbaum
Context: How we in Research IT think about computation and cloud as a part of overall model of researcher engagement and support
Mobility of compute and Faculty Computing Allowance
Cloud: What we provide now and what we are experimenting with

10:20     NYU - Stratos Efstathiadis
Experiences from running Machine Learning and Big Data courses on the cloud
NYU Spatial Data Repository on the cloud
Disaster Recovery for HPC

10:40    break

Case studies (continued)
11:05     UMD - Fritz McCall
Study of AWS pricing
Geographic info system in the cloud (elastic computing)
Colocation model with departments

11:25     U Michigan - Todd Raeker/Jeremy Hallum
U Michigan study of what it would take to put research computing into AWS

Is the future going to be cloudy?
11:45    When is it time to move? (discussion) moderator: Asbed Bedrossian
compare/contrast U Mich and UMD studies on when/what it takes to move to cloud

12:05    What role does central IT have? - Asbed Bedrossian / Jeremy Hallum
Staffing, skill sets, maturity models
How to get your staff up to speed

12:20    Future directions (panel) - all - moderator: Mark McCahill
what trends do we see?
containerization for reproducing research environments
merging of HPC and big data
positioning the IT organization for the future

12:30    end of workshop

Addendum B: Short Workshop:  Next-gen web-based interactive computing environments
Detailed Agenda

1:30    What are next-gen interactive web environments? panel
What problem(s) are we trying to solve?
What is driving development?
What qualifies as “next-gen”?
Common characteristics: HTML5, WSS live updates, rich UI

1:50    Current state of affairs: how widespread is use?
review CSG survey results - Tom Lewis

Case Studies
2:05    UW - SQLshare - Tom Lewis
Big data tools

2:25    Berkeley - Jupyter - Eric Fraser
Jupyterhub for Data Science Education

2:45    Duke - Jupyter MySQL MOOC, RStudio, Shiny - Mark McCahill
Jupyter - MySQL Coursera MOOC & Biostatistics
RStudio - intro stats courses & research toolkits
Shiny - interactive interface to synthetic data for researchers
3:05 - 3:35    BREAK

Case Studies (continued)
3:35    NYU - Jupyter - Stratos Efstathiadis
A secure environment to support a certificate course on Big Data using Jupyter

3:55    U Michigan - ARC Connect (HPC portal for VNC, Jupyter, RStudio) - Mark Montague
Deploying and enhancing the University of Texas Advanced Computing Center visualization portal at the University of Michigan:
Overview and goals
Service architecture
Allowing researchers to enable additional applications (demo: Anvi'o, an analysis and visualization platform for 'omics data)

Making it Real
4:15    Integration with existing infrastructure (panel discussion)
Integrate with the campus course management system(s)
Pitfalls: students write bad code and max out backend servers - Mark McCahill
Security - Tom Lewis
Data retention - retaining student notebooks/course materials - Eric Fraser
Lifecycle of notebooks and keeping notebooks/data usable - Google Drive, GitHub, Box integration - Eric Fraser

4:35    How do we support faculty? (general discussion)
Instructional use cases
Research use cases
Provenance and archiving of analysis tools
Central IT’s role, and staffing issue

4:55    What is on the horizon? (5 minute lightning talks on each topic)
Simultaneous collaboration with git backends across distributed nodes - Mark McCahill
Where Fernando Perez sees Jupyter Hub heading - Eric Fraser
Central IT adopting local innovations after pilot tests, moving pilots to the enterprise, and being open to failure - Tom Lewis
Mobile analysis environments for research - David Greenbaum

5:15    Closing discussion - all

5:30     End of workshop

Addendum C: Short Workshop:  Security/configuration practices and suggestions for campus units moving to the cloud

9:00 - 9:10  Sarah Introductions
9:10 - 9:30  Bob Winding and Sharif Nijim- Notre Dame
9:30 -9:50  Bob Turner (Wisconsin)
9:50 - 10:05  Sarah - Cornell
10:05-10:20  Marc – Virginia Tech
10:20 - 10:40  Casey and Paul - (UNL)
10:40 -11:00  Daniel and Bereket (Georgetown)

Break  11-11:15
11:15 - 11:35  Tom - Harvard
11:35 - 12:30  Panel discussion facilitated by Sharif