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Spring 2015 CSG Meeting

The Spring 2015 CSG Workshops and Meeting were held at Penn State University on 13-15 May 2015. For registration information please see our logistics page.

Meeting Content

  • Security 3.0 Workshop (complete)
  • Research Computing Directions Workshop (updated 15 May)
  • Data Driven and BI Workshop (updated 15 May)
  • CSG Meeting (updated 8 June)
  • Agenda and Logistics

  • Breakfast Workshops/Meeting Lunch directions

  • FINAL CSG Meeting agenda (updated 14 May)
  • FINAL Meeting logistics (updated 13 May)
  • Meeting support services
  • Candidate workshop & discussion topics for this meeting
        As voted at the previous CSG meeting.
  • FINAL List of Attendees (updated 13 May)
  • Traveling to State College (updated 15 March)

  • University Park Airport (SCE)
  • Taxis & Shuttles
  •     The Penn Stater provides a free shuttle; call from their phone at the airport or 824.863.500 to make a reservation.
        The Penn Stater is five miles from the airport, one mile south as the crow flies.

    Campus and Local Information (updated 15 March)

  • Penn State, visitors guide
  • Town&Gown Ezine
  • State College area directory
  • Conference Hotel and Venue (updated 15 March)

  • The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, 215 Innovation Blvd, State College (814.863.5000)
    Directions to the Penn Stater.
        Floor plans: Breakfast Meeting Lunch
  • CSG Dinners (updated 15 March)

    Wednesday Happy Valley Brewing Company, 137 Elmwood St, State College (814-234-4406)
    Thursday Mount Nittany Club, Beaver Stadium