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Campus Walking Directions

  • Walking directions from the Radisson to the Town & Gown:

    Walk out of the hotel, turn left and walk along W Esposition Blvd to the first intersection at S Figueroa, turn right and cross S Figueroa at the intersection. Continue west about 300 feet and turn gently to the right, and cross in front of (but don't turn into) the USC entrance gate, and continue straight on the walkway passing to the right of the Gould Law School (white building). Continue about another 300 feet and the Town & Gown will be on your right.

    It is possible that walkway will still be blocked off due to construction. In that case, turn right and go through the USC entrance gate and past the gatehouse onto Pardee Way, and turn left at the first opportunity onto W 36th St, then walk past Lewis Hall and Hubbard Hall on the left, and turn left onto the small walkway between Hubbard Hall and Newman Recital Hall (there is a sign pointing to the Town & Gown there). Turn left at the first opportunity into a small courtyard; the Town & Gown will be on your right.

  • Walking directions from the Town & Gown to the USC Faculty Club:

    Retrace your steps from the Town & Gown back to 36th St, and walk about 400 feet to Trousdale (by the Tommy Trojan statue). Walk along Trousdale to W 34th St, and turn right. The USC University Club will be the first building on your left.

  • Here's a map.