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Meeting Logistics


  • (November 10) We have added 40 rooms for Monday night, for folks attending the ACTI meeting on Tuesday afternoon who wish to travel on Monday.
  • Here is the logistical information for the Winter 2012 CSG Workshops and Meeting, to be held January 11-13, 2012 at Stanford University.

    This will be the first joint meeting of the CSG and the EDUCAUSE Advanced Core Technologies Initiative (ACTI) member group, with a joint workshop session on Wednesday and Thursday morning and a combined group dinner Wednesday evening. The Tuesday ACTI meeting and the Thursday/Friday CSG Business Meeting will each be held separately.

    EDUCAUSE has graciously offered to provide online registration for the meeting to both ACTI and CSG members. More information on this below.

    As usual, you will need to register separately for rooms at the conference hotel as well as for the meeting, and to make your own travel arrangements as explained below.

    Conference Hotel:

    Hotel space is being held at the Sheraton Palo Alto Hotel. You may make your hotel reservation by calling the hotel directly at 1-800-325-3535 or 1-650-328-2800. We have a block of 40 rooms for Monday night, 85 rooms for Tuesday and Wednesday, and 90 rooms for Thursday. The rooms are at a discount rate of $179.00 + tax per night. Please be sure to ask for the Common Solutions Group room block to receive the discounted rate. Self-parking ($10 per day) and valet parking ($15 per day) are available. The cut-off date for hotel reservations is December 28.

    Meeting Registration:

    Meeting registration services will be provided by EDUCAUSE for this meeting. Please visit to register.

    Detailed registration instructions: (If you are familiar with EDUCAUSE registrations you can skip these instructions.)

    1. Click "Register Now" at the top of the initial registration page, then click one of the bullets to register yourself or someone else.

    2. Next, you'll be presented with the "Registration - Login" page. You'll be presented with two options: either to log in to EDUCAUSE or to provide an email address without logging in. In the former case, enter your Username and Password and click "Log in"; you'll be taken to a new "Registration - Confirm Identity" page and asked to verify your account information; in the latter, you'll be taken to a new blank Identity form and are asked to fill it out. In either case, click "Next" on the bottom of the page.

    3. Next, you'll be presented with the first "Registration Options" page. If you're an ACTI member, click "ACTI member" in the ACTI Membership Status box, and select your organiztion from the dropdown. (These should already be selected for you). If you're not an ACTI member, click "ACTI nonmember" in that box (but please see Note below). In the CSG Membership Status box, click "CSG member." In the Registration Category box, click one of the three radio buttons as follows:

      • If attending the Tuesday ACTI meeting and the joint CSG/ACTI Workshops only, select "ACTI Meeting and joint CSG/ACTI workshops registration."
      • If attending the Tuesday ACTI meeting, the joint CSG/ACTI Workshops, and the CSG Business Meeting, select "ACTI and CSG Meeting Registration."
      • If attending only the joint CSG Workshops and the CSG Business Meeting, select "CSG Meeting Registration."
    4. Next, you'll be presented with the second "Registration Options" page. Click the appropriate checkboxes for CSG dinner attendance. Then click "Next" at the bottom.

    5. Next, you'll be presented with the "Additional Comments" page. Please note special assistance and dietary requirements and any other needs in the Special Needs box. Select the appropriate checkboxes in the Privacy and Directory Information box. Provide the appropriate emergency contact information (or select the "I would prefer not to" checkbox) in the Emergency Contact Information box. Then click "Next" at the bottom.

    6. Next, you'll be presented with the "Final Review" page. Costs for the CSG portion of the meeting will be zero. (Even if they are shown as non-zero, they will be zero.) Click "Submit Registration" at the bottom to submit your registration for the meeting. You'll get a confirmation message from EDUCAUSE.

    7. Finally, visit and provide a few additional CSG-only registration details, including your meal choices for Thursday night's dinner. These additional details couldn't be added to the EDUCAUSE registration system, so you'll need to provide them using this extra step. The confirmation message you received from EDUCAUSE in the previous step will also contain this URL.

    Note: If you have logged in to EDUCAUSE, and you select "ACTI nonmember," and you are really an ACTI member, you won't be allowed to proceed with registration until you go back and change your ACTI membership status to "ACTI member."

    Meeting Venue:

    We will be meeting on campus in Paul Brest Hall West in Building 4 of the Munger Graduate Residence, 555 Salvatierra Walk. Please see our meeting web page at /meetings/1201/index.html for maps and directions. We have reserved a Marguerite Shuttle for transportation to and from the workshops and meeting.

    Nearest Airports:

    Stanford is roughly equidistant from San Francisco and Mineta San Jose International Airports. Driving directions from both airports are on our meeting web page as well as on the hotel website at

    Airport shuttles connecting to nearby CalTrain stations are available at both airports; the Palo Alto Caltrain station is within walking distance of the Palo Alto Sheraton. Routes and schedules are available for San Francisco and San Jose airports.

    SamTrans' bus Route KX serves San Francisco International Airport; that bus stops in front of the Stanford Shopping Center on El Camino Real. The regular Stanford Marguerite shuttle connects there.

    A number of private companies provide shuttle, taxi, and rental car services from San Francisco and San Jose airports.

    Conference Meals:

    Continental breakfast and break services will be provided for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Group lunches and dinners will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday. Marguerite shuttle transportation will be provided for Wednesday's combined group dinner. Thursday's dinner venue is within walking distance of the Sheraton Palo Alto. Box lunches will be provided at the close of the CSG meeting on Friday.