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CSG "Poetry"

In Chicago we met near the Loop,
to discuss the security scoop.
    Techies search for the clues
    while the rest of us schmooze,
and that's why we call it Stone Soup!

... Gavin (Poet Laureate of the CSG), with Annie, Steve W, and others

There was a "U" where security was lacking.
Then they suffered a most public hacking.
    They reassigned some gurus,
    Appointed a policy Schmooze,
And finally got the President's backing.

Any resemblance to University's living or dead is purely coincidental

... Jim Phelps

Frank Grewe while drinking a dark ale,
Considered directory requests to host email.
    His plan got some takers,
    And he retired to Jamaica,
By selling Minnesota accounts retail

... Mike Pickett

We came here to talk about hackers
In the city with the Drive, name of Wacker
     To study security
     And escape from obscurity
And we'll work, 'cause we'll never be slackers!

We came to THE Windy City
With a host who is ever so witty
     The fools make us cuss
     And so does -- No Bus!?
At least we had fun with this ditty!

... Cary, Suzanne, Andrea & Cliff

There once was a host named Nantucket,
It got hacked so we had to un-pluckit.
    The Dean got real mad,
    The Law said "Too bad",
The prof was last heard to say "We'll take better care of our machines in the future."

... Kevin Morooney

For the group that acts like a zoo
This May into Chi Town we blew
    Two guys named Charles and Gavin
    Planned well the meeting we're havin'
    Twas all for naught
    As everyone sought
To peek at Mark Bruhn's tattoo

... Scott, Jim, Tracy, Charlie, Larry, Joel