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Fall CSG Meeting Cancelled

Because of the terrible events in New York and Washington DC on the morning of 11 September, the Fall 2001 CSG Workshops and Meeting were cancelled. They were to have been held at the University of Washington on 12-14 September 2001.

  • Meeting cancellation notice
  • FINAL CSG Meeting agenda (updated 10 September)
  • FINAL Meeting logistics (updated 7 September)
  • We'll be wireless
  • Workshop/Policy topics list from Cornell meeting (updated 11 May)
  • List of Attendees (updated 5 September)
  • Seattle weather
  • Live CSG Workshop Audio (updated 10 September)

  • Workshop audio presentations are being streamed via RealNetworks. Expect live audio only during workshop times.
    Download free RealPlayer 8 Basic here; the link is hidden on a gray bar halfway down the page.

  • Live CSG Workshop Video (updated 10 September)

  • Workshop video is being streamed using an Axis 2100 Network Camera. It may not be possible to view presentation details via this camera; you are encouraged to download the presentations from this page as they become available. Expect live video only during workshop times.
    The video can be viewed automatically by Netscape or Internet Explorer for the Mac. IE for Windows requires an ActiveX control, which should be loaded automatically. See for details.

  • Presentations:
  • Shibboleth, Certs, and PKI Workshop presentations (updated 9 September)
  • Network Access and Authentication Workshop presentations (updated 10 September)
  • Traffic Instrumentation and Management Workshop presentations
  • CSG Meeting presentations
  • Campus map (building is circled)
  • Building neighborhood map
  • Building floor plan
  • Driving directions (see also the meeting logistics above)
  • Driving directions to the hotel (see also the meeting logistics above)
  • Driving directions to the Chateau