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Spring CSG Meeting

The Spring 2001 CSG Workshops and Meeting were held at Cornell University on 9-11 May 2001.

The workshop presentations are being streamed via RealNetworks; your client should have RealPlayer 7 or better. Expect live video only during workshop times.

Download free RealPlayer 8 Basic here; the link is hidden on a gray bar halfway down the page.

Note: The hotel location (blue dot) is shown incorrectly on the map on the Clarion page; the hotel is south of State Route 13. The directions below the map are correct, as are the dynamic area map and driving directions links on that page.

Maps and directions: (updated 19 April)

Completed since the meeting:

  • Videoconferencing Technology Workshop presentations (complete)
  • General IT Security Workshop presentations (complete)
  • Voice over IP Workshop presentations (complete)
  • CSG Meeting presentations (complete)
  • Don's Retirement Pictures, courtesy of Gavin Eadie (updated 10 May)