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FINAL CSG Workshop and Meeting Agenda
Westwood Look Resort
2-4 February 2000

Wednesday 2 February 2000
CSG Workshop
**Westward Look Resort, Cholla Room

7:45    Continental Breakfast

8:00    CSG Workshop:  E-Commerce

        Coordinator:  Sandy Senti

        Please see Addendum A for the detailed agenda.

12:00   Lunch
**Westward Look Resort, Palm Room / Terrace, New York Deli

1:00    CSG Workshop:  E-Commerce (continued)

5:00    Adjourn

Group Dinner - Westward Look Resort, Palm Room / Terrace, Chuck Wagon Barbecue
6:00    Cocktails
7:00    Dinner

Thursday 3 February 2000
CSG Workshop and CSG Meeting
**Westward Look Resort, Cholla Room

7:45    Continental breakfast

8:00    CSG Workshop:  Streaming Media/Load Issues

        Coordinator:  Russ Vaught

        Please see Addendum B for the detailed agenda.

10:30   Adjourn

CSG Meeting

11:00   I. Introductory Remarks (Worona)

11:05   II. Long Term Issue 1:  Recharge/Funding

        Coordinators:  Jack McCredie and Greg Jackson

12:05   Lunch
**Westward Look Resort, Palm Room, South of the Border

CSG Meeting (continued)

1:30    III. Organizational Members Updates (Vaught)

        Possible reports from:

        EDUCAUSE (Williams)
        Merit (Aupperle)
        CREN (Boettcher)
        Internet2 (Hanss)
        DLF (Millman/Graham)
        CIC Schools (Jackson)
        CNI (Lynch/Summerhill)

2:15    IV. Long Term Issue 2:  PKI/Digital Libraries

        Coordinator: David Millman

3:15    Break

3:45    V. Short Slots & Technology Tracking Group Reports (Worona)

        The following topics will be covered (among others, as time permits:)

        Community Networking
        Internet2 Resource Allocation
        Why Higher Education is Different
        LDSP deployment in higher ed
        Fiber optics

        Please see Addendum C for the complete list of
        TTG topics and coordinators.

5:00    Adjourn

Group Dinner -  Janos Restaurant
6:00 & 6:30     Bus leaves for restaurant
6:15            Cocktails
7:15            Dinner
9:00 & 9:30     Bus leaves for Westward Look Resort

Friday 4 February 2000
CSG Meeting
**Westward Look Resort, Cholla Room

7:45    Continental Breakfast

8:00    VI. Organizational Issues (Worona)

        A. Steering/Membership Committee Issues

        B. Treasurer's Report

        C. Election of Treasurer

        D. Logistics for Next Meeting

        E. Venue Selection for Future Meeting

8:15    VII. Session Proposals for Next Meeting (McCredie)

        Please see Addendum D for a list of previous proposals.

8:45    VIII. Long Term Issue 3:  Wireless

        Coordinator: Mark Poepping

9:45    Break

10:00   IX.  Long Term Issue 4:  Authorization/Middleware

        Coordinator: Ken Klingenstein

12:00   Adjourn

12:00   Lunch (box lunches available)
**Westward Look Resort, Palm Room / Terrace

Addendum A:  CSG Workshop:  E-Commerce
             Detailed Agenda

8:00 - 8:10 am  Intro/goals
8:10 - 9:10 am  Business to Consumer intro - Stanford
9:10 - 9:45 am  Ecommerce strategy and RFI - Berkeley

9:45 - 10:00am  Break

10:00 - 10:30am Selecting an ecommerce service provider - Harvard
10:30 - 11:00am Selecting an ecommerce in-house solution - MIT
11:00 - 12:00pm Ecommerce at University of Wisconsin - Madison

12:00 - 1:00pm  Lunch

1:00 - 1:45pm   Stanford's ecommerce infrastructure 
1:45 - 2:45pm   Business to Business intro - MIT

2:45 - 3:00pm   Break

3:00 - 3:30pm   TBD
3:30 - 4:00pm   Epurchasing - Washington
4:00 - 4:30pm   Activebid - Stanford
4:30 - 5:00pm   Wrap-up

Addendum B:  CSG Workshop:  Streaming Media/Load Issues
             Detailed Agenda

8:00    CSG Workshop:  Streaming Media/Load Issues

        Coordinator:  Russ Vaught

        Penn State Projects Overview    Russ Vaught

        Microsoft NetShow Project       Mike Navin and Russ Vaught

        IBM Digital Library Project     Steve Kellogg

        Other Projects                  Discussion

10:30   Adjourn

Addendum C:  Candidate TTG Topics

Get in touch with Steve Worona to get a topic on the agenda, add
topics, or volunteer to coordinate open topics.

Authenticated DHCP; drop-in connections  Mark Poepping
Authentication/security                  Bob Morgan
Campus network architectures             Doug Gale
Campus network funding models            Jack McCredie
Charging for printing                    Phil Long
Collaboration tools                      Steve Carmody
Community networking                     Ken Klingenstein
DCE                                      Steve Kellogg
Digital Libraries                        David Millman, Steve Worona
Directory services                       Mark Poepping
Distributed computing architecture       Bob Morgan
Fiber-optic connector technology         Rich Kogut
Email                                    Terry Gray
Human resources issues                   Jack McCredie
Internet2 applications                   Ted Hanss
Internet2 resource allocation            Ken Klingenstein
Network Commerce                         Jeff Schiller, Sandy Senti
Network computers                        Bob Morgan
Network-based calendaring                Paul Hill, Greg Jackson
Policy                                   Steve Worona
Security                                 Bob Mahoney
Service level agreements                 Ken Klingenstein
Voice over IP                            Mike Staman
Web authorization tools                  Sandy Senti
Why Higher Education is Different        Ken Klingenstein
Wireless technologies                    Alex Hills

These TTG's currently have no owner:
     Departmental LANs
     Financial management
     Higher-Ed objects
     Information Technology Architecture
     Internet-2 technology
     Version control and software distribution

Addendum D:  Previous Workshop and Long Term Issue Proposals

     Legal (copyright, harassment, fair use, ...)
     Application Servers
     Large clusters
     Advanced collaborative environments
     Supporting high-performance/scientific computing
     CSG Projects