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CSG Meeting Attendee List (as of 20 January)
Tempe Mission Palms Hotel
18-20 January, 2017

MEMBER                  Organization                              Attending*
------                  ------------                              ----------
Allison, William        University of California, Berkeley        All
Antonelli, Charles      CSG Secretariat                           All
Badur, Kemal            University of Minnesota                   All
Bedrossian, Asbed       University of Southern California         All
Behm, Jim               University of Michigan                    All
Board, John             Duke University                           Work
Bridges, Kitty          New York University                       All
Brucker, Jennifer       University of Colorado, Boulder           Work, T-CSG
Butler, Diane           Rice University                           All
Chapple, Mike           University of Notre Dame                  All
Choate, Jim             University of Pennsylvania                All
Christen, Sarah         Cornell University                        All
Clebsch, Bill           Stanford University                       All
Crosswell, Alan         Columbia University                       All
Cunningham, Denise      Columbia University                       T-Work, T-CSG
Currie, Colin           Princeton University                      W-Work
Deigaard, William       Rice University                           All
Deighan Eaton, Connie   Carnegie Mellon University                All
Denna, Eric             University of Maryland                    All
Devoti, Steve           University of Wisconsin, Madison          All
Diaz, Veronica          EDUCAUSE                                  CSG
Dieterich, Mark         Brown University                          All
Dockins, DePriest       University of Michigan                    All
Erickson, Paul          University of Nebraska, Lincoln           All
Evans, Virginia         University of Virginia                    All
Falsetti, Guy           University of Iowa                        All
Gift, Dave              Internet2                                 All
Gilbert, Claire         Virginia Tech                             T-Work, T-CSG
Gleason, Tim            Harvard University                        All
Gulachek, Bernard       University of Minnesota                   All
Heyse, Daniel           CSG Secretariat                           All
Hill, Todd              University of Notre Dame                  Work, T-CSG
Hudson, Florence        Internet2                                 All
Jetty, Ronald           University of Wisconsin, Madison          T-Work, T-CSG
Joffrey, Becky          Cornell University                        All
Jokl, Jim               University of Virginia                    All
Keith, Christopher      Brown University                          All
King, Louis             Yale University                           All
Kneifel, Charley        Duke University                           All
Kraemer, Ron            University of Notre Dame                  Wpm-Work, T-Work, T-CSG
Krogman, John           University of Wisconsin, Madison          All
Kubit, Michael          Penn State                                All
Levine, Evan            Duke University                           Work
Levine, Larry           University of Colorado, Boulder           Work
Lewis, Tom              University of Washington                  All
Logan, Scotty           Stanford University                       All
Lundberg, Erik          University of Washington                  All
Lynch, Clifford         EDUCAUSE (DLF)                            All
Maddox, Ben             New York University                       All
Maj, Lec                Yale University                           All
McCahill, Mark          Duke University                           All
Nijim, Sharif           University of Notre Dame                  All
Noel, Michael           University of Iowa                        All
Nwanganga, Frederick    University of Notre Dame                  All
ODonnell, Steve         University of Southern California         Wam-Work
Palms, Andy             University of Michigan                    Work, T-CSG
Phelps, Jim             University of Washington                  All
Poepping, Mark          Carnegie Mellon University                All
Ramallo, Sharon         University of Minnesota                   All
Reid, Phil              University of Washington                  All
Robinson, Alison        University of Maryland                    All
Sather, Steven          Princeton University                      All
Shelley, Joe            University of Washington                  All
Sreebny, Oren           University of Chicago                     All
Stanek, Marin           University of Colorado, Boulder           All
Stringer, Jenn          University of California, Berkeley        Wpm-Work, T-Work, CSG
Trosvig, Kelli          University of Michigan                    All
Vincent, Bruce          Stanford University                       All
Walker, Tamara          University of Wisconsin, Madison          All
Yang, Catherine         EDUCAUSE                                  All
Zoppi, Steve            Internet2                                 All

71 attendees

*Attendance key:        All      = All Workshops and CSG Business Meeting
                        Work     = All Workshops
                        Wam-Work = Wednesday Workshop, morning only
                        Wpm-Work = Wednesday Workshop, afternoon only
                        W-Work   = Wednesday Workshop
                        T-Work   = Thursday Workshop
                        CSG      = CSG Business Meeting
                        T-CSG    = CSG Business Meeting, Thursday
                        F-CSG    = CSG Business Meeting, Friday
                        None     = Not specified