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Spring 2010 CSG Meeting

The Spring 2010 CSG Workshops and Meeting were held at Georgetown University on 12-14 May 2010.

Late-Breaking (updated 11 May)

  • Directions to breakfast and our meeting room: from the hotel lobby, walk down the long corridor to the right of the lobby elevators until it ends, then turn left. When you come to the first exit door on the right, go through the door onto a patio, walk across the patio and enter the third floor of the Hariri building on the other side. Then either walk up the flight of stairs to the fourth floor (Room 450 will be on the right, and the Fischer Colloqium (breakfast) will be on the left), or walk to the end of the corridor and take the elevator. This route is also marked by blue CSG signs to assist you.
  • Due to Business School policy, there is unfortunately no food or drink allowed in our meeting room.
  • CSG is going green! We will no longer supply agendas on paper at our meetings. All meeting information remains on the CSG web site.
  • Walking the C&O Canal

  • Agenda and Logistics

  • FINAL Meeting agenda (updated 18 May)
  • Meeting logistics (updated 10 May)
  • Meeting support services (updated 27 January)
  • Full voted-on list of Workshop & discussion topics for this meeting
  • FINAL List of Attendees (updated 12 May)
  • Traveling to Georgetown

  • Traveling to Georgetown by Metro and GUTS (courtesy of Charlie Leonhardt)
  • Campus map (with GUTS stops)
  • Campus and Local Information

  • Things to do in Georgetown & DC (courtesy of Charlie Leonhardt)
  • Georgetown University
  • Campus maps
  • Conference Hotel

  • Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center, 1 Leavey Center
    Please see logistics page for information on hotel room availability.
    Discounted access to nearby fitness center.
  • Conference Venue

  • Hariri Building, McDonough School of Business, Executive Program Classroom 450
  • CSG Dinners

  • Hariri Patio, McDonough School of Business, (Wednesday)
  • Riggs Library (Thursday)
  • Meeting Content (complete)

  • Research Computing Workshop
  • Storage Strategies Workshop (updated 23 May)
  • Service Management Workshop
  • CSG Meeting