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Fall 2009 CSG Meeting

The Fall 2009 CSG Workshops and Meeting were held in virtuality from 1PM to 5PM EDT (with an optional session from 5PM to 6PM) on 23 September 2009 (note change to a single day meeting).

Agenda and Logistics

  • FINAL CSG Meeting agenda (updated 16 September)
  • Meeting logistics (updated 16 September)
  • List of Attendees (updated 21 September)
    List of CSG Virtual Meeting Attendees, by Name
  • Workshop & discussion topics for this meeting
  • Remote H.323 Meeting Sites (updated 18 September)

    CMUCyert Hall, Rm 279
    Columbia UniversityComputer Center, Rm 115
    Cornell UniversityCCC Building, Rm B08
    Garden Ave
    Georgetown UniversityHarris Building, Rm 2005
    3300 Whitehaven Street NW
    Princeton UniversityWallace Social Sciences Bldg, lower level
    On Prospect Ave, near Washington Rd
    Tom's Office605 S Kenwood
    University of Colorado, BoulderFolsom Stadium, Rm 307
    Enter the stadium through Gate 7, take ST107
    staircase on left to third floor and through door
    on right to Room 307 at end of hall on left.
    In-room phone 303-735-6113.
    University of Michigan/Internet2Michigan Conference Rm
    Internet2 Offices, 1000 Oakbrook Dr,  Ste 300
    University of Wisconsin, MadisonComputer Science, Rm 2147
    1210 W Dayton
    Virginia Tech1770 Forecast Dr, Rm 115
    Yale University55 Whitney Ave, Rm 466
  • Meeting Content

  • Working Group Reports (updated 2 November)