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Fall CSG Meeting

The Fall 2002 CSG Workshop and Meeting were held at the University of Washington on 17-20 September 2002.

  • FINAL CSG Meeting Agenda (updated 20 September)
  • FINAL CSG Workshop Agenda (updated 9 September)
    A text version of the workshop agenda may be found in the CSG Meeting Agenda.
  • FINAL CSG Meeting logistics (updated 13 September)
  • We'll ONLY be wireless (updated 23 May)
  • FINAL List of Attendees (updated 11 September)
  • Seattle weather
  • CSG Webcast (updated 12 September)
  • Webcast
    See the CSG Agenda for webcast times. The webcast will require Real Player to view. More information available here.

    Hotel & Meeting Venue:

    Images: (updated 25 September)

  • The usual suspects
  • A clear day in Seattle
    Taken from Red Square, with a view towards Mt. Ranier.
  • CSG Meeting
    Selecting topics for the January meeting, finished in record time!
  • University of Washington
    From the Space Needle, looking north by northeast.
  • Images. courtesy of Vace Kundakci: (updated 10 December)

  • Group walking to dinner on UW campus
  • The view from the faculty dining room
  • Yes, there is wireless at the chateau!
  • Completed since the meeting:

  • Archived Workshop Webcasts
  • Wednesday, Part 1/4
  • Wednesday, Part 2/4
  • Wednesday, Part 3/4
  • Wednesday, Part 4/4
  • Thursday, Part 1/2
  • Thursday, Part 2/2
  • Authentication Etc. Workshop Presentations (complete)
  • CSG Meeting Presentations (complete)