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Data Center Futures Workshop Presentations

Results of CSG Survey on Data Center Strategies

  • html ppt Data Center Strategy Survey Results (Bill Clebsch, Stanford)
  • html ppt Graphs
  • pdf Full report
  • Key Lessons from Schools developing New Data Centers

  • pdf UC Berkeley Data Center Overview
  • (Shelton Waggener, Berkeley)
  • Colocation Expenses Forecast Worksheet - Berkeley
  • html ppt UM/MITC Data Center (Mike McPherson, University of Michigan)
  • html ppt Key Lessons for New Data Centers (Ron Hawkins, Harvard)
  • Data Center Security Issues

  • html ppt University of Wisconsin Access Control (Susan Riseling, University of Wisconsin)
  • Data Center Strategic Planning & Resource Coordination

  • pdf Data Center Strategic Planning and Resource Coordination (Patrick Dreher, MIT)
  • Business Continuity and Future Directions

  • pdf Data Center Stuff @ Penn State (Kevin Morooney, Penn State)